Yearly Archives: 2015

The Pack

The Pack Mixed media 1200 mm x 2480 mm The triptych is completed in acrylic, oil and charcoal. This work is about the difficulties of trying to move forward in life while others look over your shoulder ready to pounce and destroy anything that is good or does not fit […]

My latest work…

  Resurgence Oil 150 cm x 100 cm This painting is once again about the rebirth of art I have chosen a powerful icon which is the horse and whimsically patched it together with different piece of fabric which all portrays different aspects of my life. I have painted the […]

Unrelinquished 1

This is my latest work. It is a ceramic piece which has been painted, polished and supported by wooden sticks. This is a conceptual work which talks about an emotional state of carrying too many problems on ones shoulders. It is about barely getting over one problem to find another, […]