Diary of a Gallery

This weekend, the gallery started to look much better. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now. Still got little bits to tidy up but I think it will be an ongoing process of change due to the nature of the project. The flooring arrives today so hold thumbs that all this will be correct and that I will be on schedule for Saturdays big open day, which will go ahead no matter what….floor or no floor. I am off to do a little bit of shopping today and might spoil myself with a lovely coffee somewhere quaint. Timmy the gallery dog was not impressed this weekend with our treasure that we found while tidying up this weekend. We laughed , he did not.

Bah Humbug

Diary of a Gallery

walls built and skirting being cut
Cutting skirting boards – happy girl with her power tools.

The building of the Frith Dimension Gallery is coming along nicely.  The walls were built on Sunday by my husband and I. I was hoping to get another half wall made tonight but I am exhausted so best I have a good sleep and get stuck into it tomorrow. Last night I cut the skirting boards but I cant fit them until I have the new carpets tiles. From this point on it is about making the gallery look pretty…. this is the fun part. Just a week and a bit till my open day on the 3rd of November from 10am till 4pm. My exhibition called ‘One year of progress and beyond’ will be on show. Keeping it very simple , I am serving just tea and coffee and if I have time some homemade biscuits. Please pop down to the gallery if you have been following this post.

Diary of a Gallery

19 Oct 2018

About two weeks to go before the planned opening which I will confirm as soon as possible. Moving the mount cutter was a big success and a huge relief. The gallery area is now empty and waiting for new walls to be built. These walls will separate off my studio. Once all the walls are in, it will really start coming together. So, this week has still seen a lot of dismantling. Can’t wait to start the next phase of putting together.

Late night painting

I am having a little bit of fun today, I am painting a mural. My little guilty pleasure the gallery is going to have a mural albeit a small one.  Timmy is starting to get bored now in the shop when he comes in as he has hidden all the puglets toys and they are not playing the game and finding them. He thought he had found the perfect box as a bed but unfortunately he is a lot bigger than a pug.

Timmy the dog
Timmy in a box

Diary of a gallery

12 October 2018
About two weeks ago I decided to rent some space at The Picture Framing Shop in Chandlers Ford to start a gallery. The shop needs to remain open due to their ever-growing schedule of framing jobs. So, this gallery needs to develop and emerge around the customers. We are also on a very tight schedule as the shop gets very busy at Christmas time and so work really needs to be finished by November. Products have had to be moved around the shop to make room for this massive project. Downstairs moved to upstairs, Upstairs moved to downstairs and we thought our heads were going to explode . So for a couple of weeks we have been in chaos constantly questioning why we started.

But now that areas are being sorted and we see the results, the desire to push on gets stronger. Today painting began. Again, we can only do it one wall at a time, because it has to be tidied for the next day’s business. Tomorrow we move the mount cutter. This is a huge and very important job as it is one of the shops most important pieces of machinery.
Timmy, the gallery spaniel got paint on his nose and Moomin’s, (one of the shop’s pugs) little curly tail managed to get painted too.

Gallery Dog
Timmy Paint