Diary of a Gallery

This weekend, the gallery started to look much better. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now. Still got little bits to tidy up but I think it will be an ongoing process of change due to the nature of the project. The flooring arrives today […]

Diary of a Gallery

19 Oct 2018 About two weeks to go before the planned opening which I will confirm as soon as possible. Moving the mount cutter was a big success and a huge relief. The gallery area is now empty and waiting for new walls to be built. These walls will separate […]

Timmy the dog

Gallery Dog

Diary of a gallery

12 October 2018 About two weeks ago I decided to rent some space at The Picture Framing Shop in Chandlers Ford to start a gallery. The shop needs to remain open due to their ever-growing schedule of framing jobs. So, this gallery needs to develop and emerge around the customers. […]

The Pack

The Pack Mixed media 1200 mm x 2480 mm The triptych is completed in acrylic, oil and charcoal. This work is about the difficulties of trying to move forward in life while others look over your shoulder ready to pounce and destroy anything that is good or does not fit […]

My latest work…

  Resurgence Oil 150 cm x 100 cm This painting is once again about the rebirth of art I have chosen a powerful icon which is the horse and whimsically patched it together with different piece of fabric which all portrays different aspects of my life. I have painted the […]