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Diary of a Gallery

19 Oct 2018

About two weeks to go before the planned opening which I will confirm as soon as possible. Moving the mount cutter was a big success and a huge relief. The gallery area is now empty and waiting for new walls to be built. These walls will separate off my studio. Once all the walls are in, it will really start coming together. So, this week has still seen a lot of dismantling. Can’t wait to start the next phase of putting together.

Late night painting

I am having a little bit of fun today, I am painting a mural. My little guilty pleasure the gallery is going to have a mural albeit a small one.  Timmy is starting to get bored now in the shop when he comes in as he has hidden all the puglets toys and they are not playing the game and finding them. He thought he had found the perfect box as a bed but unfortunately he is a lot bigger than a pug.

Timmy the dog

Timmy in a box

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