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Diary of a gallery

12 October 2018 About two weeks ago I decided to rent some space at The Picture Framing Shop in Chandlers Ford to start a gallery. The shop needs to remain open due to their ever-growing schedule of framing jobs. So, this gallery needs to develop and emerge around the customers. We are also on a very tight schedule as the shop gets very busy at Christmas time and so work really needs to be finished by November. Products have had to be moved around the shop to make room for this massive project. Downstairs moved to upstairs, Upstairs moved to downstairs and we thought our heads were going to explode . So for a couple of weeks we have been in chaos constantly questioning why we started.

Before picture of art gallery

<img src='' alt='Before picture of art gallery' class='envira_noscript_images ' class='envira_noscript_images no-lazyload' /><img src='' alt='Front door of art gallery in upheaval at frithdimension' class='envira_noscript_images ' class='envira_noscript_images no-lazyload' />

But now that areas are being sorted and we see the results, the desire to push on gets stronger. Today painting began. Again, we can only do it one wall at a time, because it has to be tidied for the next day’s business. Tomorrow we move the mount cutter. This is a huge and very important job as it is one of the shops most important pieces of machinery. Timmy, the gallery spaniel got paint on his nose and Moomin’s, (one of the shop’s pugs) little curly tail managed to get painted too.

Gallery Dog

Timmy Paint

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