Frith Johnson

Artist Statement

I am a qualified Fine artist and Ceramic designer. Becoming a full time mum 16 years ago made me realise my passion and strong desire to produce art. My work is conceptual and always relates directly to my life. From the outset it is a subconscious desire to create something in a precise and particular way with a specific medium. I never overthink the meaning of a work at this point, in order for the true meaning to suggest and alter the work as necessary. Working towards a very precise intention is contrasted with an attitude of play and erudition. I work in mixed media in both sculpture and painting. I am particularly interested in the mark making process of the palette knife, brush or finger and the breaking down of object and background, so that neither is more important than the other and nothing more than sensuous marks on a surface. My work normally has conceptual undertones of melancholic themes and I particularly like to work by juxtaposing somewhat romantic compositions with a sharp, peculiar and satirical edge. I enjoy working these themes through an array of mediums including oils, pastel, clay and charcoal.