by Frith Johnson

Wave painted in ink and pastel

Wave 2


This new exhibition consists of a number of works inspired by waves. The end of 2018 saw the opening of the Frith Dimension Gallery and after this very busy time. I needed to relax a little . So I have made a wave series. The colours are very relaxing and healing... deep turquoise, blues and greens. There was nothing conceptual in this series and I felt like a child playing at times. I found myself waiting for unexpected coincidences to dance off canvas. The Dancer below is how I see a wave translated in human form.  Come and see the new Frith Dimension Gallery and this new body of work.  

Ink and Pastel drawing

Ocean Dance

mixed media on canvas

Wave 3

I tried to portray powerful waves at their breaking point. At this point the wave shows turbulent kinetic energy. I wanted to show the light shining through the crest of the wave  in contrast to the depths of the ocean and the soft foam and spray. But at the same time I wanted to be true to the medium with which I was working so that it is not just representational.

acrylic wave on pine coffee table

Wave coffee table

The little table needed something more simple and so I steered clear of the powerful waves  and rather chose water flowing over it's surface as if it were a beach. The wooden surface being left very natural has a rawness to it. Even the knots in the wood are synonymous of pebbles. The wave is delicate as if a piece of lace has been thrown over the little coffee table. The table is painted in acrylic and waxed for protection.  

I have started teaching some classes from the basement below the gallery. I have two class which are up and running on Wednesdays and Thursday evenings from 6 - 7.30pm  I have now just introduced 2 adult classes which I will run as soon as I have enough interest.