Latest work….


I wanted to express wild runaway freedom. The feeling of just galloping away with an idea and not stopping. That wild herd mentality and the anxiety of not knowing where you are heading and just blindly snatching at opportunities. However, all at the same time revelling in the adventure and the feeling of the power of the run.

This piece is done in pastel and on archival board and float mounted on brown panel. It is framed with a brown shabby chic moulding and under plain glass.




After a hard year of working to creating the Clay Garden, with many sleepless nights and challenges along the way, I finally can say, I am enjoying this space. I now have the time to develop my own work and am truly very excited. This space that I proudly call my studio is filled with exciting glazes and gorgeous colours. I love working in clay and I find it thrilling building my portfolio alongside my paintings.


The tearoom is open from 10am till 1pm from Tuesday till Friday and 10am till 4pm on Saturdays. The tearoom is a little hub for artistic types who want something a little different.

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