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I’m an artist and the owner of the Frith Dimension Gallery, Clay Garden Studio.

.My main driving force as a person is my art. I like to work in different materials while working on a chosen theme. The materials I choose are particular to the feeling and expression that I want to portray in each piece. This gives me a body of work, based on this particular subject matter.

I work in two main areas, Fine art and Ceramic design. Although the ceramics has a design quality to each piece you will still find a common theme running through this work. You can see more about my ceramics here.


The way I have chosen to set up my website is by using these themes. The themes are like  mini exhibitions. It gives me an absolute thrill to see my work as a whole and I find it very fulfilling to work in this manner.

My work is conceptual and sometimes narrative and it normally includes an animal as a symbol. I never think too much about the meaning of these animals and other elements in my work. I tend to rely on this strong feeling of expression as I developed the work. 

I can clearly see where the conceptual elements are heading and I push this further and further as the work progresses.

I have been a framer for a number of years now and I think that the frame of the work is an important part of each work. I strongly feel that a frame can make or break a painting. I usually include elements of the frame into my work and so framing is not an afterthought and sometimes it’s integral to my paintings.

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