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I see this section as a portfolio. Many of these works have been sold. If you would like to purchase any of my unsold work or would like to commission an artwork please contact me 07791940808 (text is best as I am often teaching)

My work is organised into themes like  mini exhibitions. This is how I like to work and I often have three or four pieces going on at the same time.

My work is conceptual and sometimes narrative. It normally includes an animal as a symbol. I never think too much about the meaning of these animals and other elements in my work. I tend to rely on this strong feeling of expression as I developed the work.  I can clearly see where the conceptual elements are heading and I push this further and further as the workS progress.​

Renaissance series
Vacillation of the Meek series
Pond series
Octopus series
Blind eye series
Autumn series
Horses etc
Wave series
Kingfisher series
Resolute series
Misguided possession series
One year of progress - 2015 exhibition 
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