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I was raised in a place where art took a backseat to everything else. Life revolved around simplicity, and the saying "beauty is only skin deep" was taken to the extreme. However, this upbringing taught me to appreciate the beauty in the simplest and most overlooked things, even those that were broken and discarded.


My studio, a reflection of this mindset, has taken shape and evolved in the basement of a picture framing shop. In all my previous studios, I always had a chandelier hanging above me. The way the light danced and reflected off those chandeliers brought me immense joy, and now I am fortunate enough to have six of them. I genuinely believe that I am the luckiest person in the world.


I prefer to work in themes, often juggling multiple pieces simultaneously. This approach lends itself well to a circuit-like fashion of working. I move from table to table or tray to tray in my studio, creating different pieces at each station. The excitement I feel about this process is indescribable, and reaching lunchtime with a completed morning circuit of pottery brings me immense satisfaction.


The sheer beauty that surrounds me in my studio fills me with excitement. And to top it off, my gallery is located just upstairs, providing me with the incredible opportunity to showcase my works as they emerge from my studio. Everything is simply breathtaking.


Henry Miller once said, "to make living itself an art, that is the goal." And I couldn't agree more.

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